Why Socio?

Socio is a full-service international sales and marketing company specializing in the gourmet, natural foods, and wine industries. At Socio, we believe your brand is very much like a new house under construction; not only are the materials used important for the house to be strong but, also the people who are the builders.

Socio’s national sales team consisting of the most reputable and talented gourmet, specialty food, and wine brokers gives Socio the ability to penetrate, track, monitor and develop each local market. Socio will not only pioneer and launch your product line in the United States but internationally as well.

Socio will grow and drive your brand to maximize long term success, market share, and name recognition. Socio can successfully manage your sales growth in each region of the United States.

What can Socio do for my business?


Socio promises to determine the proper niche and position for your product line and build a long-term growth-oriented brand development strategy that will ensure profitable results. Socio will represent your company as an extension of your business and communicate all market developments to you and your management team.

Armed with an elite team of regional food brokers, Socio will skillfully manage your business’ sales growth in every identified targeted territory. Your product will be prepared (proper packaging, etc.) and when ready, taken to the consumer. Socio will build your brand, penetrate the market, track, and monitor development. Results being Socio will make your business a success!

The payroll and benefits savings to your company will be substantial by partnering with Socio because of the commission-based structure as opposed to the fixed costs of salaries and benefits program of your own in-house sales team.

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What are Socio’s core values?

Socio promises to approach the sales, marketing, and distribution of your product line in the most responsible, targeted, and cost-effective way possible.

Socio’s mission is to determine the proper target market and niche for your product line. We build long-term growth in your brand by developing sales and marketing strategies that will ensure profitable results and maximize your return on investment.

The attention to detail and expertise of Socio will allow you to trust your sales and marketing efforts for the long term and save on the expense of having an in-house sales and marketing division.


What is the organization structure at Socio?

Socio is a privately owned Limited Liability Company (LLC) based in Jupiter, Florida.

The Sales team at Socio is driven by its founder and president, Mr. Alfonso Silvestri, along with support from a national broker and sales network. Socio’s elite Marketing team, with the proven ability to command a full spectrum of the marketing mix, is guided by its Director of Marketing, Ms. Gabriella DeSantis.

Management Team

Alfonso Silvestri

Alfonso Silvestri – President and Founder

Alfonso has more than 35 years of hands-on experience in the Gourmet Food and Wine industry. His extensive background has included being an Importer for over 15 years of a successful national distribution company, consulting for other national importers, owning and operating an international sales agency, and sourcing for renowned importers in the USA/Canada markets. In addition, Mr. Silvestri enjoyed the challenge of operating a family-owned multi-unit restaurant chain.

Some of Alfonso’s strengths and what he brings to the table are:

  • Extensive knowledge of International Gourmet Food/Wine Suppliers (in particular Italian producers)
  • Sales Management of a National Broker Team
  • Trade Show Exhibiting and maximizing leads
  • Marketing and Effective Advertising/Promotions
  • Import Management and all respective responsibilities
  • Warehouse/ Inventory Management
  • Direct Sales of his own accounts developed over the years, and so much more…

Integrity, hard work, and total transparency are the foundation of Alfonso’s business practices and his daily mission of growing sales for his partners (both suppliers and buyers he and his team work with). Alfonso graduated from Florida International University with Magna-cum laude honors in 1980 earning a BS degree in Restaurant/ Hospitality. Alfonso also holds an Associate degree from Bentley University in Accounting and Business Finance.

Socio Sales… Partners in Building Your Brand

Aligning with Socio Sales is the best possible way to penetrate your markets in North America and abroad.

Socio Sales experience in the Gourmet Food Industry will guide you through smart, knowledgeable business decisions that will grow your business.

Contact us for more information and let us show you how Socio Sales will grow your business!

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