Distribution Channels

Which channels of distribution will Socio penetrate and build for my company?

Socio’s primary goal is to determine the proper target market and niche for your product line and if more than one distribution channel is appropriate. The targeted channels of distribution will include upscale gourmet retail stores, supermarkets, club stores, natural food markets, drug and mass merchandisers, e-commerce retailers, and gourmet food services.

The distribution channels that the team at Socio will focus on are:

Upscale Gourmet Retail Stores

These types of gourmet shops are typically independently owned and inclined to have a premium quality of each category on their shelves. Examples are Bristol Farms, Eataly, Agata & Valentina, Central Market, Carmine’s Gourmet, and many others throughout the USA and Canada.

Supermarket chains are still the leader in gourmet food sales in North America. Supermarket buyers are very knowledgeable in their respective categories, faced with many choices, and know their purchases are high volume and are price sensitive, (an excellent opportunity for private label sales). Examples are Shop Rite, Publix, HEB, Kroger, Albertson’s, Stop & Shop, Rouse’s Markets, Kroger, and many more.
Club Stores

Items are typically sold in bulk format in Club Stores and the retail price per unit is substantially lower for the consumer. Examples are Costco, Sam’s Club, BJ’s, and others.

Natural Food Markets
This distribution channel also concentrates on premium quality but goes one step further with a strict list of ingredients allowed and forbidden ingredients. Examples are Whole Foods, The Fresh Market, Sprouts, and others.
Drug and Mass Merchandisers
Another very high-volume retail channel and where pricing is critical, (excellent channel for private label opportunities). Examples are Walmart, Target, CVS, Walgreens, and others.
E-commerce retailers

E-commerce is the fastest growing distribution channel, and speed of delivery is a must here, as well as price, quality, and packaging. Examples are Amazon, I Gourmet, Jet, and others.

Gourmet Foodservice Distributors (Horeca)
Restaurants, hotels, and bars are important channels due to the demand for innovative gourmet foods. Chefs are particular about the foods they buy and insist on quality from their distributors. Examples are SYSCO, US Foods, Performance Foods, and many more.
Fiori pralinati

Can Socio help me with all the necessary compliance and legal criteria for the United States and other markets?

Without a doubt…. YES!

Socio will research and review all compliance and legal criteria for your product line to be imported to the United States (or respective country). Socio will handle all clearances, documentation, and required certifications. Socio will also be responsible for sourcing customs brokers/freight forwarders and ongoing management of importing.