Sales Strategies


The Sales team at Socio will use various proven strategies to achieve sustained increases in sales and market share in a competitive market – optimizing your ROI (return on investment), and growth rate month over month and year over year.

Trade Shows

The most effective sales tool to meet prospective buyers face to face, sample/demonstrate products and explain the key points of difference in each food item and learn what the prospect’s needs are. Trade shows are also the most cost-effective method to meet with current customers and introduce new items. The Sales team at Socio prides itself on aggressive and constant follow-up are each trade show.

Email Campaigns

Socio uses a highly effective online software program to email results-driven sales announcements to a customer/prospect list of thousands of international importers and distributors. Each email campaign is created by the marketing team at Socio with prior approval from each supplier partner and always creates many qualified leads.

Buyer’s Office Presentations

The many years of direct relationships with our current Socio customers allow us to arrange in-person meetings to present new items (or discuss current items’ sales results). Each visit that a member of the Socio team makes to an account brings a wealth of information primarily because of focusing on that customer’s needs at each visit.

Virtual Meetings

Virtual meetings with multiple parties present have become a very efficient and popular sales strategy for Socio. Socio will typically ship samples and marketing materials to each customer/prospect before arranging a virtual meeting so that the item of interest can be reviewed by the buyer (and respective buying team).

Each strategy is only as effective as the team’s implementation. Socio realizes the importance of hard work, (rolling up our sleeves), constant focus, transparent communications, and overall commitment to achieve maximize results.

Original Sicilian Cannoli kit by Campidoglio