If you are a Manufacturer/ producer of gourmet food or wine and are interested in launching or growing your sales in North America, then please continue reading this section. The Sales and Marketing team at Socio Sales will grow your sales on a consistent basis by implementing the following strategies:


Above all else, it is critical for you to know we insist on giving and receiving total collaboration for the best interest of your business.

Cost Savings to you

If you were to create a financial budget to cover the cost to create and maintain a USA-based sales office for your company, (including sales salaries, administrative salaries, rent, taxes, insurance, employee benefits, utilities, etc.) it would be at least 10 times the cost of working with the elite team at Socio.

The team at Socio will consistently provide you with all types of feedback, offer strategic suggestions for growth and profitability, and also provide summary reports regarding sales/marketing developments.
Hard work & Commitment
Yes, we are very experienced and knowledgeable, but nothing replaces total commitment and daily hard work for success.
Sales Strategies
Socio Sales will focus on the ideal strategic direction (trade shows, in-person and virtual presentations, lead generation through digital marketing, etc.) for your products.
Marketing Services
Our Sales and Marketing teams will work closely to get your message and “reasons to purchase” to the right people. Some of our Marketing Services include package revision, sell sheets, company profiles, digital campaigns, market research, competitive analysis, etc.
Warehouse/Inventory Management
If you decide to maintain an efficient turnover of inventory in North America, the Socio can provide all management and administrative services which will grow your sales with broader flexibility.
Socio promises to determine the proper niche and position for your product line and build a long-term growth-oriented brand development strategy that will ensure profitable results. Socio will represent your company as an extension of your business in North America.