Socio will conduct a thorough assessment of the market within your specific category. We analyze the dynamics of your market, such as volume and value, potential customer segments, buying patterns, competition, and other crucial factors.
Industry Analysis

This allows you to understand the size and market share potential within your industry/category.

Competitive Analysis

Knowing where your product stands versus your competition is critical. Socio will supply you with competitors’ products and quality comparisons and make recommendations to aid you in determining price levels, packaging, and distribution.

Opportunity Identification

Socio will keep you notified of trends and growth opportunities which can translate to sales market penetration.

Financial Analysis

Socio will provide you with accurate and realistic sales forecasts, as well as profitability projections and budgets.


Also called new product management –Socio’s Product development process includes a product’s entire journey — from the initial idea to after its market release.
Concept Development

Socio will assist in the creation or design of a new concept to offer you savings in time and development expenses.

Product Development

Socio will identify the most effective way to custom tailor your product for the intended market of distribution. The most adaptable product is readily recognized and accepted by the target audience leading to penetration and growth in your market space.

Concept and Product Testing

Focus group testing and in-store sampling are a couple of examples of pre-launch product testing. This will be an effective barometer of the consumer’s reaction when your line is introduced for sale.


Socio provides critical information about your market and your business landscape. We will tell you how your product is perceived by your target customers you want to reach.
Primary Research

Socio will gather critical feedback from their sales team and key buyers in the trade. The benefit of this research is that there will be time to make any necessary adjustments before product release.

Secondary Research

Socio will provide precise and detailed information pertaining to the market and your customers, what drives them to buy and in turn, what drives their customers to purchase a product.


Socio can create elements and materials used to promote your brand or product for example, brochures/sell sheets/banners/signage.
Company/Sales Presentations
Our marketing team at Socio will create a professional company presentation containing language and effective messages targeted to North American buyers. This presentation will highlight the advantages of doing business with your company long-term.
Price Lists
the marketing team at Socio will help you structure a detailed price list for the North American Market. This price list will be effective for buyers in the market and will also contain the necessary information regarding dimensions and pallet specifications.


The results of an effective trade show are immeasurable and very cost-effective. Socio will assist you in exhibiting at key strategic trade shows for the North American Market (USA/Canada). The most important aspect of any trade show is effective and continued sales follow-up. Having detailed information recorded at the time of meeting at each show is a must!
It is Socio’s goal to create and implement a low-cost initial marketing strategy that will allow your brand to become recognized immediately and with high impact.
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